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Director of Digital Media

Chadwick J. Coleman

Chadwick J. Coleman is a versatile freelance artist with a rich background in illustration, concept art, and design. He began his professional journey in 1999 after graduating from the High School for Performing and Visual Arts in Houston. He further honed his artistic skills at The School of Visual Arts in New York where he graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Cartooning/Illustration/Sequential Art in 2003.
Chad launched his career in New York and his talent was recognized immediately leading him to Los Angeles and collaborations with prominent studios such as Disney, Electronic Arts, Activision and THQ. Chadwick brings to RiverRock an immense amount of experience and a body of work that spans two decades. He has made significant contributions to the gaming and entertainment industries, lending his creative talents to a variety of high-profile projects. Chadwick has collaborated on films, delivered special effects and has developed content for virtual reality companies, including Ghost House Pictures, Zoic Studios and Rhino FX where he won a Mobius Award for character design. Currently Chadwick is working as creative director on a valuable IP for RiverRock while overseeing book and comic illustration, character design, film production and animation production design. He is also an accomplished musician. 
Chadwick’s diverse portfolio and extensive industry experience make him a valuable asset to RiverRock, bringing a blend of creativity, technical skill and innovative thinking to all his endeavors.

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