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Executive Producer

Saïda Fakher

Saïda Fakher combines her skills as an amazing artist with high-level Executive experience working with film and television Producers in the U.S., Europe and the Middle East. A Moroccan-Dutch dynamo, Saïda has won awards for her acting, writing and producing. She infuses her work with a perspective that transcends borders. She honed her skills and natural talent with years of training from both the Dutch Academy of Performing Arts and the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Los Angeles. Saïda is currently working on international production deals spanning Los Angeles, Toronto, London, and Amsterdam. In addition to her Executive Producer role on the RiverRock Feature film “Disinformation”, Saïda is also currently starring in the TV Series “Brenda Live”. When Saida isn’t working on films, she develops new unscripted content for Mark Johnson, the President of RiverRock Real. Her ambition, talent and artistic choices align seamlessly with RiverRock’s mission of producing content that engages and inspires audiences around the world.

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