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Morgan Drmaj, a seasoned producer, director and executive, brings nearly two-decades of experience in both scripted and unscripted television to his role at RiverRock Real. Known for his storytelling chops across diverse genres — from reality to docs, from design to food, from comedy to drama. Morgan’s objective is to develop our stories into gripping, viewer-centered narratives. But Morgan’s not just a storyteller; like Mark Johnston, he’s also a team builder, with a history of assembling powerhouse players capable of bringing their vision to life on time and on budget.

Morgan is set to inject his unique blend of creativity, technical knowledge, and team leadership into RiverRock Real’s dynamic mission. His expertise aligns seamlessly with our push towards groundbreaking unscripted content. It’s not just about creating shows—it’s about creating the kind of irresistible content that defines the RiverRock Real brand. With Morgan’s commitment to authenticity, innovative narratives, and captivating storytelling, he’s poised to help lead the team, bringing RiverRock Real to forefront of the industry.

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