At RiverRock Real, we make real TV that grabs you. Our mission is to create thought-provoking, unscripted content – genuine, engaging, and always entertaining.


Meet The team

Mark W. Johnston

RiverRock Real, President

Morgan Drmaj

RiverRock Real, Executive Producer

Theresa Kowall-Shipp

RiverRock Real, Executive Producer

Saida Fakher

RiverRock Real, Producer

RiverRock Real is built on a rich foundation of global film production. Now, we’re bringing that
expertise to unscripted television. The team is guided by the exceptional vision of Mark W.
Johnston, who has helmed over 1000 hours of programming airing in 150 countries. Under his
leadership, our team is all about authenticity, big characters, and high-stakes stories that keep
viewers hooked. We cater to audiences on both traditional cable and high-end streaming
platforms, delivering content that’s not just on time and on budget, but also innovative and life-
changing. Our ultimate goal? A bustling production slate full of shows people can’t stop
watching. That’s RiverRock Real.

Concept Design

Start to finish in house concept design for new talent and incoming partnerships


Full service concept development, maximum route to market planning for series and internationally viable formats


Full spectrum architecture for pre-production production and post production


Strategic distribution partnerships, full access to global markets


RiverRock Real taking you International

As the head of RRR my intention is to continue to develop and nurture the highest level of creative content development and key strategic partnerships. We have a wealth of series execution expertise, strong concept lift skills and a never ending eye on international format development – local production that travels the globe across all platforms.
–Mark Johnston

RiverRock Films

A modern theme for the film industry & video production